Phil Oreto presented the report for the Golf Tournament which was held on Friday,
August 24th at the Province Lake Golf Course. We had the most players ever at 59
players and raised $2070.13. This year was different because Phil focused less on how to get players and more on ways to raise money. This year, Beth Howard helped coordinate the event and helped obtain 6 paid sponsors and 3 sponsors that provided in kind services. Phil does not believe that the number of players will increase at this point and that he needs to find other ways to raise additional money from the fundraiser.

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Phil Oreto presented the report for the new fundraiser, BINGO. Our pilot program began last August. There was great excitement at first and then it dwindled. The Board approved the renewal of the BINGO license with the state. Do date; we have held 8 successful events. Soon after beginning, we partnered with LAC Odyssey of the Mind who provides food to the participants and Odyssey retains their profits. In August of 2018, the Board voted to enter into a Statement of Work with Beth Howard to assist with the events. Beth is paid from the net revenue of each event in accordance with the state laws. We can now run the event with 4 people and I LACC board member. The Board voted that a LACC board member must control the cash at each event. We are still trying to see how we can make the event better with less people.

This is the 5th year that we sold calendars. We sold 142 calendars, which is 17 more than last year with a total profit of $1,785.15 to LACC. The calendars are still $20 each and we hope to keep them at $20 for next year. For 2019, Louanne is going to change it up a bit and is going to have a full calendar contest where people submit photos for a full year and then those who purchased calendars last year will vote on the best calendar.

Kathy Hart presented the report on the Bottle Drive. LACC has an account at JD,s
Redemption Center (across from Hannaford in Waterboro). Just drop off your returnable cans and bottles and tell them that you want to donate your cash deposit to LACC. They will place your donation slip in an envelope for LACC and Kathy periodically collects the funds. We doubled our donations last year with a total of $381.80.